Fixed Louvre Shutters

Sun control & shading whilst maintaining air flow

Fixed Louvre Shutters

Our fixed louver shutter (“FXL”) has a non-adjustable slat and therefore best suited for sun-filtering only!

In most instances this type of shutter is usually mounted externally, as a Sliding system.

Unlike our Adjustable Louvre shutters the Fixed Louvre shutters are NOT regarded as a security shutter because they do not have reinforcing rods in their slats!

So; although this FXL shutter is not designed for high security requirements, it is aesthetically very good looking and certainly in line with all of our other shutters!

Take a look at our photo gallery below and you will see that these FXL shutters also conform to our highest standards with respect to:

  1. Aluminium durability
  2. Various powder coated colour options
  3. Can be mounted in Stacking (bi-fold), Hinged or Sliding options
  4. Also have secure locking mechanisms on the panels