Adjustable Louvre Shutters

It's safe to say we're the strongest on the market !

Adjustable Louvre Shutters

When we developed our Adjustable Louvre (“ADL”) shutters our R&D team’s brief was two-fold. The team’s objectives were:

(1) To design a shutter that is aesthetically beautiful, and
(2) Make sure it’s as strong & secure as possible!

If you take a look at the photo gallery (below) you will see that our R&D team exceeded their objectives!

Our ADL shutters are fantastic not only in terms of the fact that they provide the same aesthetics & functionality as timber shutters, but they also have the additional benefit of built-in security (which timber shutters could never offer!).

… So… aesthetics plus security have been the basis for the design of this product!

Unlike some other shutters on the market (which have a simple sliding-latch to offer “security”) our shutters are fully lockable with a key. When you turn the double-locking key system, our shutters lock into both the top & bottom tracks simultaneously. For your convenience we also provide you with “master keys” so that you can lock and unlock all your shutters with a common key (no need for a bunch of different keys for different locks).

Whether you would prefer internal or external shutters – the choice is your! We have various mounting options including Hinged, Sliding or Stacking (bi-fold) options

We have 3 different louvre profiles available! (see diagrams below):