Benefits / F.A.Q.

Strength & Elegance come together


Q: How strong are OUR aluminium security shutters?
A: Watch this 2 minute video (below) to see for yourself…

To see how strong secure our shutters are we invite you to watch the video below which shows our shutters being hit with a hammer! In this video you will notice that a 2 pound hammer just bounces off the louvres and then moving onto a 4 pound hammer after 18 hard hits the only thing that breaks free is a small screw which connects the louvre to the hand tilt rail. You will notice in this video that even though the louvres are bent they remain securely held in the side channels of the shutter frame!

Q: How do our Aluminium shutters compare to Timber shutters?
See the summary chart below which compares “Aluminium vs. Timber”

Q: Where, and how, can these shutters be mounted / installed?
They can be either internally or externally mounted, in any of the following manner:

  1. Stacking (Bi-Fold)
  2. Sliding
  3. Hinged (in an architrave frame)
  4. Static

Q: Do I still need curtains?
Although shutters will not give you a 100% block out they most certainly block ALMOST all of the light when closed. The majority of our customers do not have curtains as well as shutters!


Q: Are aluminium shutters available in different colours?
A: Absolutely, although we have a “standard range” of the most popular colours available we could offer almost any colour you could ask for. There are hundreds of available powder coating options to choose from, although there may be a slight surcharge on non-standard colours – please contact us for more advise in this regard.

Q: What are some of the other benefits of aluminium security shutters:

A: Alumimium security shutters:

  1. Powder coated (= no rust and very little maintenance required).
  2. Protection from heat & UV-rays in summer.
  3. Protection from cold and frost in winter (= energy saving).
  4. Noise reduction and privacy.
  5. Protection from intruders.
  6. More aesthetic than bars or trellis.
  7. Protect your house and family.