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License Opp.

Interested in manufacturing our shutters under license anywhere in the world?
If so, please watch this video …

Shutter Solutions vision is based on the following premise:

We know, without a doubt, that we have the best aluminum security shutters on the market.

We believe that well established businesses internationally with good infrastructure could easily be able to leverage their existing infrastructure and unlock the value of our products in their respective areas.

Therefore, we would like to offer these international entities the right to manufacture our shutters under license, in order to leverage their client base and yield excellent returns

Aluminum shutters compare better to timber shutters in the following:

  1. The plant and equipment cost for aluminum shutter production is far less than that for timber.
  2. The aluminum production process is clean, whereas timber factories could be very dusty.
  3. Aluminum shutters are strong and offer a security value that timber shutters could never offer.
  4. They are also able to lock with a key, further adding to their security value.
  5. Profit margins on aluminum shutters are evidently higher than that of timber shutters.
  6. Aluminum shutters can be powder-coated in almost any colour and are virtually maintenance-free.


Shutter Solutions are effectively offering a “Business in a Box”, or more specifically a “Business in a Container”.

  1. We can supply all the machinery and equipment required to set up a production line anywhere in the world.
  2. We have a wide range of shutters to meet the needs of various different target markets.
  3. We offer training on the production and installation of our Shutters.
  4. We also have proprietary backend software to assist in managing all aspects of the business. This software is intuitive and very user-friendly! For example; it enables the licensee to very easily generate and email quotes out to clients, then, when these quotes are accepted and a job needs to be produced the software will compile the bill of materials, specification sheets, cutting lists and job cards and send all this information to the factory – at the click of a button – so that production can commence!.

With this “Business in a Box” concept, it is our belief that when the container arrives at its destination a licensee, with around 200m2 work-space and a staff of 8 trained employees, can be manufacturing and selling shutters within a matter of weeks.

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