Frequently Asked Questions

How strong are our aluminium security shutters?

Extremely strong! We have compiled a 2 minute video where our security shutters’ strength and durability are put to the test. In this video you will notice that a 2 pound hammer just bounces off the louvres. After 18 powerful hits with a 4 pound hammer the only thing that breaks free is a small screw which connects the louvre to the hand tilt rail.

Where, and how, can these shutters be mounted / installed?

Anywhere! Our aluminium security shutters are well suited for both indoor – and – outdoor application. They can be installed in any area of your property in the following manner: Stacked (Bi-Folding), Sliding, Hinged, and fixed.

Are aluminium shutters available in different colours?

Yes. We have a standard range of the most popular powder-coating colours available. Special colours are available on request. 

Aluminium shutters vs Timber shutters.

Timber shutters have no security value and will require regular maintenance. Our aluminium security shutters provide the inherent benefits of high security, built-in “burglar bars”, key-locking mechanism and are virtually maintenance free.

Do I still need curtains?

No. The majority of our clients do not feel the need of curtains once their shutters have been installed! Our shutters do the work of blinds or curtains plus they have the added benefit of burglar proofing in one aesthetically pleasing product.

What are some of the other benefits of aluminium security shutters?
  1. Powder coated (no rust and very little maintenance required).
  2. Protection from heat & UV-rays and winter weather.
  3. Noise reduction, privacy, and security.
  4. More aesthetic than bars or trellis.
  5. They are effective (see video below)