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Manufacturer of the best range of aluminium security shutters on the market

Shutter-Solutions has been manufacturing extruded aluminium security shutters since 2007.

The founders of the business set out to develop what they intended to be “the best range of aluminium security shutters on the market”.

Today they have met their objectives. These security shutters have been installed in thousands of homes and offices across South Africa and internationally.

We understand that your investment in shutter security is going to be an important decision, so before you rush off and buy the cheapest shutters near you, we invite you to spend sufficient time on our website and do the appropriate research to “compare shutters with shutters”.

Our range of aluminium security shutters are of the highest quality! They combine elegance and strength to give you a product that offers brilliant sun-filtering, family security, and makes for an aesthetically pleasing living-space. We offer various products such as shutter doors, window shutters and so many more!

Our Product Range

Stacking Shutters

Stacking shutters are the most popular choice for homeowners. Our range of stacking security shutters provide easy light/shade control. They are extremely strong, durable, and able to withstand severe weather conditions.

Hinged Shutters

Hinged shutters are mounted into an architrave frame that fits into the reveal. This is very convenient for when panels are required to fold back 180 degrees against the wall. 

Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters are most suitable for exterior applications where they are face-mounted on tracks on the wall. The shutter panels can then be neatly slid back against the wall.

Our core-focus is based on “Aesthetics AND Security”

Benefits of security shutters

By choosing our security shutters you will have claimed control over your home’s security, privacy, and light-inlet with our adjustable shutter blinds.

Our extruded aluminium profiles are finished off with high quality powder-coating in all standard colours allowing for a stylish and elegant finished look.

Our powder coating is Qualicoat approved! Qualicoat, Zurich, Switzerland, is the leading organization for specifications/standards
for the accurate application of powder-coating in architectural applications.

Real CCTV footage of criminals trying to break

into a home (defeated by our shutters!)

This video shows real CCTV footage of criminals trying to break into a home not long after the installation had been completed. These burglars met their match with our super quality security shutters and were quickly defeated!

Frequently asked questions

Do I still need curtains?

The majority of our clients do not feel the need for curtains once their shutters have been installed! Our shutters do the work of blinds or curtains plus they have the added benefit of burglar proofing in one aesthetically pleasing product.

How do our Aluminium shutters compare to Timber shutters?

Timber shutters have no security value and will require regular maintenance. Our aluminium security shutters provide the inherent benefits of high security, built-in “burglar bars”, key-locking mechanism and are virtually maintenance free.

Where, and how, can these shutters be mounted / installed?

Our aluminium security shutters are well suited for both indoor – and – outdoor application. They can be installed in any area of your property in the following manner: Stacked (Bi-Folding), Sliding, Hinged, and fixed.

How strong are our aluminium security shutters?


To demonstrate the strength and durability of our security shutters, we invite you to watch the video below which shows our shutters being tested with the force of a hammer!
In this video you will notice that a 2 pound hammer just bounces off the louvres. After 18 powerful hits with a 4 pound hammer the only thing
that breaks free is a small screw which connects the louvre to the hand tilt rail.

You will notice that in this video, even though the louvres are bent they remain securely held in the side channels of the shutter frame!


“What an amazing product! thanks guys for a great installation throughout our home. We definitely recommend Shutter Solutions for any home owner”

Jennifer Knoesen

“After the terrible burglary we had, I am so delighted that we invested in your security shutters. Now I am sleeping soundly at night. Thank you so much.”

Elizabeth Reynolds

“We recently finished construction on our home. Shutter Solutions has done an extraordinary job on securing the property! Well done guys!!”

Johan Oosthuizen

What makes our shutters superior?


Why settle for the basics when you can have security, privacy, and peace of mind in a single elegant product. 


Our aluminium security shutters are exceptionally secure. If it is peace-of-mind you are looking for to protect your family, our shutters are for you!

Custom Designed

Our shutters are custom made for your specific requirements with high quality powder-coating in all standard colours.

16 Years manufacturing Shutters

  • We manufacture a full range of aluminium security shutters for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
  • Our factory is situated in Cape Town, South Africa. We supply and distribute countrywide.
  • Our products are directly available through our dedicated and professional agents.
  • All our shutter solution products have been designed with excellence in durability, strength, and aesthetics.
  • We cater for all your shutter security requirements.